Fixed Income Solutions

Offering customized, academically based, fixed income solutions to meet your needs.

Champion Advisors fixed income service offers a unique and effective approach to serving high net worth clients in a truly customized manner. Our academically based philosophy aligns well with a solution that concentrates on principal preservation.

True Customization Based Upon a Client’s Unique Circumstances

  • Performs a thorough client discovery process to uncover a client’s total needs and objectives
  • Creates a written fixed income investment plan uniquely tailored to each investor that takes into account financial objectives, risk tolerances, current and future income needs, tax status, constraints, etc.
  • Maximizes after-tax returns by strategically locating tax-efficient assets in taxable accounts and tax-inefficient assets in tax-advantaged accounts
  • Harvests tax losses year round

Quality Advice Based Upon Academically Based Philosophy

  • Maintains high credit quality
  • Emphasizes return of principal versus maximizing return on principal
  • Considers only proven, low default sectors (tax-exempt)
  • Employs maturities consistent with client strategy and risk tolerance
  • Earns market rates of returns
  • Does not incur expenses attempting to “beat the market” by forecasting interest rate movements or selecting mispriced securities

Transparency and Competitive Pricing

  • Receives best execution by leveraging our large trading volume
  • Dealers are put in competition to promote competitive pricing
  • Monitors dealer performance on a regular basis

Access to Expertise

  • Provides a dedicated Fixed Income desk consisting of a team of experienced professionals readily available to service your various needs
  • Performs portfolio and/or markup analysis of your prospects’ or clients’ portfolios

Flexible Instrument Implementation

  • Employs both taxable and tax-exempt securities
  • Uses individual bonds and mutual funds

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