At Champion, we believe that developing a plan based on your specific goals and risk tolerances and staying the course through market fluctuations is the best way toward success.  As your needs change over the course of your life, we adjust your plan to fit your new objectives.

We start this process with our trust in the idea of an “Efficient Market”, which refers to how markets reflect all available, relevant information.  From there we utilize diversification of holdings to develop the appropriate asset allocation for our clients’ specific requirements.  We take into consideration the risk factors that may be affecting the market at any given time, and we attempt to build a strategy that minimizes the costs associated with maintaining and updating the clients’ portfolio while maximizing their returns over time.

In conjunction with our partners, Champion can evaluate the best way to have your money operate to your benefit.  We consider the potential use of ETFs in conjunction with mutual funds, enhanced indexing or hybrids, and alternative investments, such as private equity or options trading.  Regardless of your trading objectives we can find the right strategy for your needs.

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