Champion Advisors believes that diversification in your portfolio is critical to its overall success whether the market is moving in a positive direction or is plagued by uncertainty and volatility.  Alternative investments are investment options that go beyond traditional investing in stocks and bonds.  We believe that by providing our clients with a different ways of providing returns for their goals and objectives, we can maximize their earning potential.

Private Equity Funds

Private equity is ownership or interest in an entity that is not publicly listed or traded.  At Champion we offer ownership in the Cliffwater Corporate Lending Fund, which invests in US middle market direct loans.  For more information on this investment, please reference the following articles:

Champion Options Strategy

Champion also offers the opportunity to participate in options trading, which is an alternative income producing strategy that isn’t commonly available at most Investment Advisory firms.  We actively manage a safe approach to handling the options market by purchasing shares in large, dividend paying, US companies and sell covered calls on those positions.  We aim to generate premiums and dividends from these transactions to establish a cash flow to your portfolio and increase your returns.  Please reference our introductory letter and outline of our strategy if you’d like to learn more about our design.

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